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Like therapy but you also get to craft.

Crafting can be a powerful therapeutic tool.  It provides an outlet for stress while helping ground yourself through difficult and overwhelming emotions.  It allows you the opportunity to build new skills which can boost confidence and mood.  Many of the repetitive movements associated with crafting can create a meditative state of calm that increases mindfulness.

Restorative crafting interweaves individual psychotherapy with crafting instruction. Services are provided in person at client's residence and are individualized to each client's skill level, emotional needs, and resources.

Craft your own calm



Quilting Through Grief

Process your grief while transforming your loved ones clothing into a comforting quilt of memories.


Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch 'n Bitch

Learn cross stitch and how to use it as a tool for emotional expression.

Crochet Hook_edited.jpg


Hooked on a Feeling

Safely explore difficult feelings all while learning new coping skills and how to crochet. 


Stained Glass

Pet Loss Suncatcher

Honor the special relationship you had with your pet while creating a beautiful reminder of their life and your love for each other.

Cutting Jeans_edited.jpg


Change Your Clothes

Not Your Body

Cultivate body acceptance while learning clothing alterations to  creating a wardrobe that fits you.


You Decide

Craft Your Own Path

Explore your creativity and emotions in your own unique way.



A Stitch in Time

Learn the basics of embroidery while creating powerful therapeutic connections to cope with challenging emotions.



Knitting Mindfulness

Learn to knit while also developing mindfulness and grounding skills to help manage overwhelming emotions.



Restorative crafting services cannot be billed to insurance and rates do not include the cost of materials and other supplies needed to complete projects. Clients are only billed for hours present with therapist. Most projects can be worked on by clients in between sessions.


Some projects will require clients to have access to specific tools such as a sewing machine. Tools will be provided for the duration of session for certain crafts such as stained glass. The length of services is dependent on the project and your emotional needs. 

Currently services are provided in person in client's home which can create logistical challenges that can be discussed prior to meeting.

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